Startup Europe Week social media impact

With over than 4M impressions and 1M of reached accounts our engagement and visibility had a huge talking about us on the web. This happened in only 5 days: from February 1st to 5th! And only with the official hashtag #SEweek16. Thanks to ThunderClap campaign we also reached 1M social media impact. Impressive.

Let’s see what happened

Sharing contents and sharing co-organizers events we reached more than 140.000 people generating over than 500.000 impressions in less than three months. We shared all information about our contents and about SEW events all around Europe. All this communication flow helped us spread the voice on what’s going on before SEW.

Thanks to our co-organizers support we reached more than 250.000 impressions on Twitter and we received 23.000 profile visits and still counting. We achieved our goal to get over 1k followers and we got over 3k interactions. And not to mention people who insert @startupew into their own list of favored accounts. This make us proud because of the interest that we generated around the “Startup” topic was huge and these numbers also confirm that we generated interest on our iniziative. Thanks also to @startupEU support.

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Working hard on engagement made us busy to give to our followers the right information in the right moment and give to SEW co-organizers the right visibility they deserve.
Doing so we had a great response from people around the web and from our co-organizers that joined our “BehindSEW” project.

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Check the SEW official blog post

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